About St. Robert

St. Robert is a very beautiful town.

St. Robert, bordered by and northeast of Waynesville, had its origin in the early days of World War II. After construction of the Fort Leonard Wood Army base 1941, the population swelled in the area. At that time, the only Catholic church in Pulaski County was in Dixon and the few Catholics in the Waynesville area attended church there. Some of the people asked the pastor, Father Herman Schuessler, if he could come to Waynesville to celebrate Mass on Sunday. So, starting in June 1942, Father Schuessler came to Waynesville each Sunday, where he celebrated Mass in a theater. Among the original group in the “theater congregation” were three families who were among the present 130 families in St. Robert Parish. They were Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mooney and Mr. and Mrs. Wait Casier.

Source: http://www.saintrobert.com/